Pre Orders Explained

    Do you pay immediately when you preorder?

    Yes, your payment is taken at checkout.

    Is it a good idea to preorder?

    Preorders allow you to pay for an item you want ahead of its release day. If a product might sell out due to demand then it is a good idea to purchase on preorder so as not to be disappointed.

    What happens when you preorder a doll?

    The order you create at checkout proceeds to our warehouse system where it then waits ready to capture the reserved stock which it does the instant the new inventory is added to the system by the warehouse team. With inventory now allocated, the invoice is automatically printed by the system for picking and packing.

    Why do preorders take so long?

    Preordered items are not available to ship at the time of purchase. 

    Do preorders arrive on release day?

    The estimated release day on the product page is the best estimate we have. As 100% of our products are imported, and preorders are often not produced until later than the time of purchase, there are many factors that can alter the real release day. It is simply the best estimate we have based on the information provided to us by the supplier.

    Should I buy a preorder item for a birthday, Christmas or for a gift?

    We recommend you buy only 'in stock' items that you need for specific dates. Even if a product should have arrived according to the estimate, it may not, and to avoid disappointment it is better to buy a product we can definitely ship to you in time. 

    If one item in my shopping bag is in stock and one item is a preorder, when will you ship my order?

    Unless otherwise stated, any order that includes a preorder item will not ship until all items are available.

    Can I add other items to a preorder that you have not shipped?

    Each order is shipped according to the invoice created at checkout. Therefore, if you would like to buy more items please create a new order on the website for them.

    Will you contact me at any time after I have preordered an item?

    No, we will not contact you again, but if you contact us we will write back and answer any queries you have.

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